Our Sponsors

Below are a list of companies that have supported the UQ Wakeboarding & Waterski Club. If you would like to sponsor us, contact us at uqwwc61@gmail.com

Umami is a long time supporter of UQWWC through hosting our fancy dinners with awesome Asian cuisine and drinks.

Our friends at Plywood & Panel have supplied timber and funds to help with various maintenance tasks such as trailer repair and shelve building. 

The staff at the Proven group (Proven Energy Management & Proven Electrical) have donated time to help keep the UQ Wakeboard & Waterski club running. They are excellent electricians and solar experts.

Sally Mills has been involved with UQWWC for many years and still  supports and manages the website & SEO.

Our friends at The Print Bar have been helping us with awesome Merch for the past 3 years. Couldn’t do it without them!

The Danark Construction Group has helped support UQWWC with many construction and building projects.